Sweet love poems

Sweet love poems


dream coming to

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can now finally mend.
A person once alone in life
Can now call you a friend.

Dreams that once were longed for
Are now all coming true.
The love I once thought was gone
I have now and forever in you.

Author: Gowtham

Love Vs Sweet

Love can be so delightful.
But then again sweet comes in.
How do you get those in a battle.
Well simple Sweetness comes before Love
But love is stronger then sweetness,
why its just that powerful.
Its only common in a relationship but when it goes bad,
use your sweetness to bring it tighter and closer.
But why should LOVE and SWEET be such powerful words.
If Sweetness gets you girls. Then why can't your love deliver.

Author: Jelani Lewis

I'd give you everything

If you said you were cold.
I would wrap my arms around you.
If you said you were thirsty I would give you the ocean blue.
I would give you anything the moon, the stars, the sunset too.
This heart in my hands I hold out to you.

Author: Duyen