Short love poems

Short love poems


Summer is when your mine

Summer is when we smile
Its when I will find out if your mine
Through pain and suffering
At last we will shine
Running through the field
We fall down onto each other
I look into your eyes
We stare, not to look any further
Your soft lips slowly brush mine
One two three four
We close our hearts
Like a locked door
Locking ourselves inside
With the keys outside on the floor
Me and you,
Nothing else more

Author: Boamah

rose of glass

Rose Of Glass

Once upon a memory
I gave you a rose.
Like a photograph,
It's beauty timeless froze.

A token of love
On a special day.
A rose of glass
That will never wilt away.

Only fragile glass
The rose just a token
Of love that I thought
Could never be broken.

Yet now I am alone,
Love gone,
But the rose of glass
Lives on.

Author: andrew

prove of love

You tell me you love me
and say you can not live without my
if you love me like you say Prove it with facts
because words are gone with the wind
but the facts remain within us

Author: Ruth Cortez