Sad love poems

Sad love poems


Wounded Heart

My Soul Is Weeping...

My Heart Is Bleeding...

MY Mind Is Screaming...

But still,,, PAINS Don't Stop Breeding!

Author: Daniel

2 not 1

2 not 1
On a cool summer night.
Beautiful treasure to whom
all my might
Lie there barely blink, breathing;
Touching the very thoughts
we were thinking.
Orion's Belt here's my finger tips
A mind numbing love
My lips on her lips
2 not 1;
Palm on Palm,
The sun it wakes,
Moon calls the dawn.
Good morning my dear,
Cheer up your eyes.
The one who is sad,
is the one who cries.
1 and only 1
Not alone but lonely.
Beautiful treasure no longer beside me.
I turned my head,
Turn off the light,
On a cool autumn night

Author: Chase Black

Love of Existence

I remember when we laid eyes on each other,
That the feeling...I thought was good, but another;
I got to be very humble with you.
But you didn't bother,

Time grew on and the feeling was strong.
All I could do was think of you!
There are many things I'd like to say,
I'll always love you from day to day.

I thought, the feelings, I had for didn't sprout,
The massive love towards you, hadn't worked out.
So now we found the truth with our feelings,
We know the hand we're dealing.

And we'll always have strong feelings towards each other;
Because we know it's friends we can be no other,
Towards the guidence we brings.
For the love we have within,

We come together as we take a vow.
Something's about each other we're proud,
To know our distance,
And feel that we have more than existance as friends forever...

Copyright 1998

Author: Andrew Laggner