Most voted love poems

Most voted love poems


what am I

I'm nothing without your touch my love
I'm nothing without your kiss
2 spend each night in your arms my flower
is this man's idea of bliss
2 not see u each day is 2 die 7 times by Gods wrath
If I was anything other than human
I'd wanna be the water in your bath

Author: funkfish

No One Like You

No one loves me like you do
I’ve never felt like this
you please me in so many ways
with a word, a caress, a kiss
No one understands me like you do
you see me deep inside
you choose to overlook my flaws
the ones I try to hide.
No one satisfies me like you do
when our bodies intertwine
you give me so much with your tender touch
you’re amazing and you’re mine.
No one loves me like you do
you fulfill my every need
and that is why my darling
I’ll follow wherever you lead.

Author: Andrew

In the Days

In the days when i was lonely,
In the days when my heart wondered for love,
In the days when the sun burnt my joy,
In the days when the wind blew my hope,
In the days when the rain washed my desire for love.

Those days are gone, replaced by your ever presence in my life,
Today you have conquered my body and soul.

Sweet love in this days baibe.

Author: Jakopap