Love poems

Love poems


Go hell love

love is pain a problem to be ok
i can't stand it some time
my heart is closed
my faith is gone

a broken heart can never be re fixed
the pieces can't be put back together
pools made out of tares i cry each night
loneliness the way i feel
Go hell love
i am not going this way again

Author: royal

i love you

I Love You

You mean everything in my life
and you make my life perfect every single day
You inspire me in everything
You're making me smile everyday
when I receive your text message
But sometimes you being like a jerk
I admit that. But it's cute.
I think about you
in every minute, second and hour.
When we both fighting,
I always say that I hate you
but actually I love you
I love you with all my heart
even you did not know that
" I love You"

Author: kayley fisher

Poem about love

Love is blind
Love is eyed
Love is sweet
Love is bitter
Love is care
Love is hesitation
Love is bare
Love is dare
Love is peace
Love is violent
Love is clear
Love is dirty
Love is prominent
Love is contaminate
Love is heaven
Love is hell
Love is crashing
Love is sticky
Love is critical
Love is mythological
Love is brittle
Love is malleable
Love is capable
Love is stressful
Love is innocent
Love is violent
Love is best
Love is worst
Love is nothing
But love is everything
Love is god
Love is devil
Love is evil
Love is shining sun
Love is blinking moon
Love is beautiful earth
Love is the worst larva of earth
Love is hurting
Love is paining
But love is lovable and love is pain clear
Love is like this
Love is like that
Love is too much
I cannot describe
Look inside dear reader
You will find love everywhere hidden but prominent when looks closer
Love is not enough to understand but its
For me is love
I love the love and love does not love me

Author: nakita