Love poems

Love poems


Mr. White

If the world where to end today
I would have to say

I love your eyes
They make me feel like I can fly
I love your smile
It's all worth while
I love your laugh
Even if it's on my behalf
I love your kiss
It's such a bliss
I love your butt
And it's ok if you think I'm a nut 
I love you from your head right down to your toes
Only god knows
But most of all I love your hands with every touch
I love so much

I will love you tell the end of time
In my eyes you will always shine
And If I had this life to live over
I would have tried to find you sooner

Author: Kaycie B.


Love is actually a forever
Love is never fooled by time,
Love waits,love doesn't pride it self
love is an ever fixed mark

love goes where it pleases
Love pleases where it goes
Love bear all hardships,
Love don't change when other things change

Love requires people who bears with it's elements
Love elements call,
Trust, sympathy, trustworthy, passion and devotion
Love is every where
Love dont go everywhere, but is for everyone
Love conqours.

Author: Ryan

the secret of being in love

feeling so many different emotions for one person
loving every moment were together
hating the situation were in
not regretting the things we did but wishing we could go back to change them
forever wanting something more
but still cherishing what we have .

Author: laverne