Love poems

Love poems


I will Be Yours, truly, Forever..

Your smile makes up my mind.
Your laugh makes me smile.
Your tears wil i wipe it away.
If you're alone i will make a happy.
You laughed at my stupid jokes.
You make me happy all the time.
Sometimes it makes it hard to admit the blame..
But you will always turn me on, everyday..
Thats what you do..
We eat the same food, we drink the same drink.
What games you play will i play it.
I will do anything for you because,

I will Be Yours, truly, Forever..

Author: Siti Khadijah

Your Smile is Obsession!

Your smile is Obsession.

The smile you smile isn’t really a smile is it, but a sheer secret that the world does not see.
What is it that you are hiding from the world, behind your innocent face of bliss, what can that possibly be?

There are defenceless people around you that make you so helpless that you cannot help them.
There are people who feel the same about you to as you are a shinning gem.

The world can circle around effortlessly, but can the world go round without your charisma being there?
The affection you desire isn’t always mentioned but the intentions are always here, there and everywhere.

I can speak and write volumes in how you feel about the world that goes around you,
But remember this how anyone can not notice your presence is hardly true.

You’re suffering of the thought, that you are all alone in this planet,
Believe me; the world is in a better state, by you living in it.

You have sleepless nights and feel so incomplete and further more, so alone,
I feel for you and pray for you, that you receive what you’ve been waiting for, all along.

The astonishing smile that you have is so pure of innocence and is full of warmth,
It reminds me of the old times of childhood growth.

The beauty of your face is like the shining star that is always shining upon us all,
Without your glow, all we could do is fall.

The essence of your scent is like a jar of roses cut freshly from the heavens above,
This is the fragrance that draws us near to your love.

Your eyes are so beautiful that anyone can get mesmerized by your gaze,
It’s like circulating the heart in a mysterious maze.

You may think that no one is there for you or think that no one in this world misses you,
But you are mistaken; there will always be someone who actually cares for you.

Writing a poem and dedicating it to you was the easiest thing I have ever done,
As all I was doing was writing what was in my heart that needed to be shown.

If you keep hold of all your happiness and sadness and never share it with me,
It’s like striking a knife straight in my heart that you will never see.

If fate made us meet earlier in our lives then I would always cherish and keep it from never ending.
However the complications keep us apart but never will it stop me from caring.

Listening to you is like listening to music, the words you speak is the words that have a deep affection,
But I will end this poem as it is just a mere illusion caused by your smile that reads obsession!

Author: S A Qaium

end of time

The sun is up for a next day
But i cry and weap every moment your away
I will never forget the first day we met
I hope you remember me until death
You kissed me with lips soft as a marshmellow
Romantic no sweet so i always say hello
But i am yours and you are mine
And that will be until {THE END OF TIME}

Author: anya alexis wilson