Love poems

Love poems


The sky

When the sun shines
It is your warmth that I feel

When the moon shines
It is your brightness that lights up the night

When the stars glitter
It is the sparkle in your eyes that I see

You are the sun, moon & stars in my life

Author: Tigerpaws

true love

I came from the bottom now i'm at the top tell you i love you day and that i'll never stop. They say its true love well is love true yeah i think its love thats why i found you

Author: brendan craig

untitled for Mologadi

To love you is to live
for without you i can't leave
Leaves of romance are not evergreen
And from the heart I can't grin

living in me is eternity and it is up to the brim
this eternity grows when romance fades
when shackels and hackles start to crakle
Eternity can never wane

Serenity lies in me, as eternity matures
vows of commitment are not as secure
serenity is impacable
what i have for you is undaunted
and can not be hunted
and hence i live to love you
cause I can't leave to love you

To love you is to live my Love

Author: Kay Tee