Love poems

Love poems

vote the snow.

It comes when your walking
The flakes like a star
Touches your nose wherever you are
I look up in the sky
Snow snow snow
Above so high
And suddenly....
I don't feel so cold
I take off my gloves
Forget what I've been told
Don't throw the snow
Mum said as a child
I don't listen
But now I know why
For although the snow hits my face
I get up on my feet
Grab more snow
Carry on with the chase
Although I know it's my date
Revenge would not be so good
Unless it was on you
We race..first one to get home
All covered in snow like foam
We look into each others eyes
Smile, laugh but never realize
Our hands going all sore
How long do we have to wait for
The sting to disappear
We look at the warm running water
But do not dare
As pleasant as it looks
The results will be a nightmare
An hour later the pain goes
We cuddle up on the sofa
We all share..a hot chocolate
With biscuits. But you ate all of it.
Even the digestives
We watch that movie
For this is the way life should be snow
All that's left Is for you to know.

Author: Boamah


I loved you yesterday
I love you still.
Always have
and always will.

Author: Adam McCarry

My love

Corinna my love
I think about you day and night
All though things havnt been right
Your still the only Girl in my sight,

Iv fallen so deep in love with you
There isn't a thing we can't get through
I will be here day and night
Because I know what I feel is right

I havnt been all I can
But for you and us ill be a better man
Ill treat you like a true queen
Because to me that's what you mean<3

Author: Johnny