Love poems

Love poems


swwet mood

The sun rises above the hillcrest,
As does the joy of my heart;
Rays of warmth and love,
From her I will never depart.

Fresh dew upon the grass,
Young birds chirp in their nests;
I watch her gently sleep,
My love to her I silently profess.

I enjoy the stillness and calm,
Watching as she smiles and dreams;
She brings me to stillness and peace,
Like that of a slow flowing stream.

My heart and soul flow with love,
And I smile as I quietly reflect;
I’ve been handed a sweet princess,
A sweet princess to love and to protect.

A vow to myself I make,
As she quietly sleeps away;
To love and always cherish her,
Until my last breath... until my last day.

Author: Gowtham

1 and only 1

i love the way you look at me
i love the way you say that 1 word to me
i love the way you look in to my eye and you see the colouer red
i love the way your body gose red hot

Author: jose

A click of Love

A click of Love

There is a click
Happened so quick
So inspiring
It's not a trick

In your eyes
There were no lies
So inviting
And were no goodbyes!

You are so real
With your sex appeal
So awesome
Imagine how I feel

I feel the magic
I understand the logic
Loving you
Won't be so tragic!

My heart is ready
To go with you steady
In this adventure
I am not heady!

Let us be
You and me
Discover the stars
Every ocean, every sea!

Author: Ramon J.